Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sonic Delight At Mamuska Night

Hey, it's another Mamuska Night in Limerick. "Join us again for a new season of short masterpieces, presented in the context of an informal choreographed environment with the freedom to chat and move around at any time. A unique place to be inspired and socialise." It's free in and there's a cash bar, so where else would you rather be this Friday at 8pm?

As in the last two events, I will be providing the sound environment. You never can tell what will be played, everything from popular favourites like Massive Attack and Diana Ross to Wilco, Pere Ubu and Tortoise. In an attempt to redefine eclecticism I've mixed the original Godzilla theme tune, Bulgarian wedding songs, local heroes Windings, acoustic covers of Aphex Twin, Faust, The Raincoats... the list goes on.

As well you will hear tracks unreleased anywhere else, as I play from some of my own back catalogue and maybe even create new sonic masterpieces on the spot. Plus some special mash-ups and a few mistakes.

Yes, often the music between the performances goes unnoticed. But that's only because you're just not listening!

Visit the Mamuska Night blog (which I maintain) for more info on this event and the entire network, which has spread to Leeds and Tokyo.


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