Sunday, November 12, 2006

Soundings 1031 Wrap

I am pleased to say that Soundings 1031 was a great success, from the point of view of the participants, audience and organisers. About seventy people attended the event at Daghdha Space, as documented over at the Soundings site. There are now pictures available, including one of yours truly.

I very much enjoyed the intense performance of KK.Null, although I resorted to earplugs before the end! Tony Higgins was also enthusiastically thanked by the crowd for his piece for drum kit and electronics. Mention must be made of the lovely surroundings, as prepared by Davide Terlingo and volunteers from the DMP programme at Daghdha Dance Company. Thank you all!

I recently wrote about my piece, Granulation Knaves. This is rather experimental, as all the sounds are recorded and processed live. The mobile phone could die, feedback from the speakers could upset the transducers, I could knock out the FireWire cable connecting the laptop to the sound card... anything could happen. On an aesthetic level as well, there is no guarantee that the combination of samples and processes would work.

So I was very happy that on the night everything went well, the textures from overlayed phone samples ebbing and flowing in a fitting fashion. Some unforseen and very welcome audio events happened. If every performance goes like this I'll be famous in no time! (Joke!)

Here's a bonus photo.

Granulation Knaves performance shot

My right hand is twiddling a glowing red mouse while my left is holding a mobile phone above the pickups of a guitar stripped of its strings. Lurking over the guitar is a giant spider. Another concession to Hallowe'en is the pulsing light at the front of the table.

I have been asked more than once so here I may as well admit: this light had nothing to do with the sounds! Yes, it's simply stage dressing.


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