Monday, October 09, 2006

Strange Musical Instruments

Every so often I stumble across some unusual items that can best be described as musical instruments. Here I present to you the Bottle Organ and Pikasso guitar.

It's hard to imagine that such things exist, or that someone is willing to pay so much for them. But apparently there are quaint little bars in the United States that think it completely reasonable to pay 39 grand for a MIDI controlled device that plays... beer bottles! I can only quote from the site in awe and befuddlement.
The Bottle Organ is a real showstopper! It plays by blowing across the tops of real beer bottles, which are permanently tuned. And the music is so lovable! Driven by contemporary MIDI technology, the Bottle Organ is ideal for pubs and restaurants with a reputation for fun, where the past is respected, and where patrons appreciate the rare and unusual. Custom fabrication assures quality of the highest standard.

Pat Metheny is not just any guitar player, he is a guitar player who owns an instrument built specifically for him in 1984, designed to contain "as many strings as possible". Now who would want that? Check out the Pikasso guitar.


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